Representative Cases and Legal Matters


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State of Nebraska, ex rel. Douglas J. Peterson, Attorney General v. Goodwill Industries, Inc. and Goodwill Specialty Services, Inc., CI 18-5747 (2018).

State of Nebraska, ex rel. Douglas J. Peterson, Attorney General v. General Motors Company, Inc., CI 17-3945 (2017).

Teresa Malone, et al. v. Kantner Ingredients, et al., 4:12 cv 3190 (2016).

In re Estate of Evertson, 295 Neb. 301 (2016).

Jenkins, et al. v. Pech, 8:14 cv 41 (2016).

Zaporowski v. City of Omaha, et al., 4:11 cv 205 (2011).

Hyke v. Ohio National Life Insurance Company, 8:10 cv 263 (2011).

Iske Place Buyout

I was hired by more than a dozen displaced homeowners who lived in a development just outside of Bellevue along the Missouri River. Their homes had been badly damaged by flooding and they were being prevented from rebuilding or repairing those homes. I negotiated a multi-million dollar buyout with FEMA, NEMA, Sarpy County, the City of Bellevue, the Papio Missouri River NRD, and the Nebraska Environmental Trust that provided the affected homeowners with pre-flood value for their homes.