Student Evaluations

Professor Freeman is a great teacher and it is very easy for students to connect with his teaching style. He understands that not all students are law majors, but does an extremely good job of relating this class back to the real world. Each class starts with going over some local or international news in relation to law and he is genuinely interested in making sure that we are all educated individuals. He works with students to make sure they succeed and is overall a great guy!!

Wonderful human being. Understanding, kind, reasonable.

I definitely enjoyed this class. He was a great professor that explained everything very well. In addition, he was very understanding if you had to miss a class for an event or something important because it was in the evening. I was worried that it would be hard to miss a class as I had a prior commitment, but he worked so well with me and I truly knew that he was concerned for me as a person, and it wasn't just something he had to deal with as a professor.

Very nice and caring teacher.


Professor Freeman is one of the best teachers and mentors I've ever had. The class is driven almost entirely on discussion which is critical when talking about negotiations. He's wildly experienced and truly uses his expertise to teach his students valuable information going forward in our business careers. This class should be required!


Amazing teacher. It's obvious he really cares about students. His class was really straight forward. He tells you what you need to know, teaches it to you, then tests you over it. Dr. Freeman is super nice and really funny.


Dr. Freeman is the best professor I have ever had. He tells you exactly what you need to know for quizzes/exams and genuinely wants everyone to do well. Extremely easy to talk to and is very straight-up with what he expects of you. I wish there were more professors out there like him. Take him if you get the chance.


Amazing teacher. Wonderful class. Dr. Freeman is smart, funny, tells great stories, and is a really good guy. He genuinely cares about his students. I was having personal issues that led to panic attacks and didn't know who to talk to. I called Dr. Freeman and he helped me through it. He's one of the kindest people I've ever met. Take this class.


Dr. Freeman is incredibly smart, kind, and funny. He knows his stuff and finds ways to make the material relatable. He's the best teacher I've ever had, at Creighton or anywhere else. I had an issue with an internship that I had questions about. So I called and he spent 20 minutes walking me through it and giving me advice. Super good guy. Take him.


Dr. Freeman was by far the most competent professor I have taken in my career. His personal experience, anecdotes, and input are absolutely invaluable. I am now more confident in my skills as a result of taking this class.


Professor Freeman is the absolute best teacher I have had here at Creighton. He is motivated to help all students succeed. Lectures are somewhat on the longer side, but he makes them interesting and fun. His ability to make the students want to do well is unbelievable. There is one paper, one group project, one quiz, one midterm, and a final.


He's the best professor at Creighton and the best teacher I've had. I learned a lot and had fun. He's smart, really cares, and is a good guy to get to know. There's a reason his classes fill up so quickly.


I love this class. Prof. Freeman is a lawyer and has great stories about actual negotiations he's been involved in. He is an amazing teacher. I also took his Business Law course and it was also outstanding. I think all business students should know how to negotiate and can't imagine a better teacher to learn from.


He really cares about his students. I wasn't thinking about law school but am now. He's been great to talk to about what law school and being a lawyer are like. Professor Freeman gives amazing lectures and tells funny stories all the time. He's been my favorite professor at Creighton. Take his class!


Dr. Freeman is the best. Some of the vocab is tough, but he makes the class fun. He brings food a couple of times during the semester. He works as a lawyer and tells stories from work. When we talked about sexual harassment in class, he shared stories he's witnessed. He's the best teacher I've had at Creighton. You should definitely take him.


Dr. Freeman is hands-down the best teacher I've ever had. EVER. I waited to take the class until I could get into his section and am glad I did. He makes complicated stuff easy to understand. The class is fun and you learn a lot. The quizzes and final aren't bad. He's a really good guy. I wish he taught more classes at Creighton.